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Selected Recording Reviews

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"Alaskan-born Vivica Genaux has become one of the heartthrobs among Baroque music enthusiasts, as well as fans of the Rossini-Donizetti bel canto repertoire.  To this music she brings not only her timbre with hints of darkness, but also an energy and communicative warmth that succeeds in attracting the public’s affection."
A.U., Diapason –“Voix de Legende”, July/August 2005


ALAHOR IN GRANATA – (Almaviva DS 0125 [2])

“Vivica Genaux’s singing is exquisite in its command of supple, accurate fioriture and, when called for, deeply-felt emotional communication.”
- George Jellinek, Opera News, November 1999

“In the pants-role of Hassem, Vivica Genaux impressed one through her masterful technique.”
- M. Fiedler, Das Opernglas, May 2001




ARIAS FOR FARINELLI – (harmonia mundi – HMC 901778 [1])

Nominated for a Grammy© Award as
“Best Classical Vocal Performance”

Anne Midgette, The New York Times (Sunday Arts & Leisure Section), December 29, 2002

BEST OF THE YEAR/2002 – Recitals of Virtue
The Editors, Opera News, January 2003

“Apparently, René Jacobs has waited twenty years for this special voice, in order to make this recording.  The music requires impeccable technique.  Suddenly there is someone, Vivica Genaux, who accomplishes all these things with facility, and surpasses every expectation.” “Miss Genaux sings with appealing, breathtaking diction; she expresses herself warmly, and barely seems to breathe: Trills are always placed perfectly and naturally in the phrases, not the trick of a virtuoso, but sung as a true musical ‘Ambassador.’  In Giacomelli's ‘Quell’usignolo,’ she not only soars above the orchestra, but seems to surpass nature in her representation of the nightingale.”

RJB, Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 14, 2002

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ARMINIO (Virgin Veritas -- 5 45461 2 [2])
(2002 International Handel Recording Prize winner)

“This set does make abundantly clear why mezzo Vivica Genaux is widely hailed as one of opera’s up-and-coming “it” girls.  Something special happens when she starts to sing – something that sets off a thrill, something that her warm, vibrant tone, razor-sharp diction, boldness of attack and sensational technique only begin to explain.  Genaux has...pizzazz?  Élan?  Decide for yourself, but try not to miss the defiance with which she spits out the captive prince’s recitative in Act III, or the sheer spunk she brings to the wickedly difficult ‘Fatto scorta al sentier di gloria.’”

M. Lignana Rosenberg, Opera News, December 2001

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BAJAZET – (Virgin Classics – 45676-2)

Nominated for a Grammy© Award as
Best Opera Recording”

“Virgin has assembled an especially luxurious cast, with three mezzo-sopranos at their peak. Vivica Genaux, who again sings Farinelli’s ‘Qual guerriero in campo armato,’ from her best-selling debut CD, shows that her voice has grown considerably in elegance and potential for coloration in the past two years.”
Jörg Königsdorf, Opernwelt, April 26, 2005

“Vivica Genaux, as the abandoned Irene, panther-like and seductive, is a mezzo coloratura who could teach a few tricks to the most agile castrati.  How does she do it?”
Michèle Fizaine, Midi Libre, July 26, 2006

“As a bonus, Virgin Classics has included a DVD in which each of the principals is shown singing a complete arias during the 2004 recording sessions…It is worth the price of admission to see Genaux’s lips moving so fast that they practically blur.  Such are the demands that Vivaldi places upon his singers!”
Raymond Tuttle, Classical Net, July 2005 here to read more "Bajazet" reviews




BEL CANTO ARIAS (Virgin Classics – 54546152 [2])

“She [Genaux] might be the most exciting singer in the world.  Sinewy but lithe, her voice encompasses a wine-rich chest register, juiced up with just enough testosterone to keep things interesting, as well as luminous high notes that would do many a soprano proud.  Her Italian is crisp and peppery, and she rips through pages of runs and embellishments with jaw-dropping ease.”

“Her version of Arsace’s aria from Semiramide is among the finest ever recorded, with her voice darting and weaving through Rossini’s splendid wind writing to dazzling effect.”“In short, it’s a compulsively enjoyable recital, but beware: This is a disc that can only leave you wanting more.”
Marion Lignana Rosenberg, Time Out New York, September 18-25, 2003


“Her Farinelli disc put Vivica Genaux on the map.  Now these arias, with her virtuosic voice, from the warm depths to the tender and glistening upper reaches of her range, Genaux now enters the ranks of great international singers.”
A.U., Ensemble, December 2003 here to read more "Bel Canto Arias" reviews





Genaux is the genuine article, a coloratura with a tone bright, forward and feminine.  Best of all, she has mastered the art of legato singing, present in the most heartening way in all her selections here.
William R. Braun, Opera News, October 1999

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handel hasse cover

HANDEL & HASSE ARIAS AND CANTATAS - (Virgin Classics - 7243 5 45737 2 9 )

" one captures the vocal beauty or flawless manner of delivery imbedded in the Baroque period of writing better than Vivica Genaux does in this, her latest release. Sit back and enjoy as I did.", Worldwide reviews for a worldwide audience, September 2006 here to read more "Handel & Hasse reviews




PYROTECHNICS: Vivaldi Opera Arias - (Virgin Classics 50999 694573 0 2)

“In a few succinct words, this CD is a valuable, exhilarating addition to the growing number of vocal Baroque recordings. Listening to it is pure pleasure, not a sacrificium!”
-- Ercole Farnese,, December 5, 2009 here to read more "Pyrotechnics" reviews



RINALDO – (harmonia mundi – HMC 901796.98 [3])

Anne Midgette, The New York Times (Sunday Arts & Leisure Section), December 21, 2003

“[Mezzo-]Soprano Vivica Genaux is a thrilling Rinaldo, combining spot-on technical command (does she ever need to breathe?) with a lustrous tone and fierce dramatic intelligence.”
Tim Page, The Washington Post, May 11, 2003




LA SANTISSIMA TRINITÀ – (Virgin Veritas – 7243 5 45666 2 2)

"Singers are rarely afforded the opportunity to embody Theology; the expressive Vivica Genaux displays stunning technical mastery over her characteristically plangent mezzo in performing the role."
David Shengold, Time Out New York, July 1-8, 2004 here to read more "La Santissima Trinità" reviews