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Selected Reviews for "La Santissima Trinità"

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LA SANTISSIMA TRINITÀ – (Virgin Veritas – 7243 5 45666 2 2)


"Singers are rarely afforded the opportunity to embody Theology; the expressive Vivica Genaux displays stunning technical mastery over her characteristically plangent mezzo in performing the role."
David Shengold, Time Out New York, July 1-8, 2004

“A stellar young cast, including soprano Veronique Gens, American mezzo Vivica Genaux and tenor Paul Agnew, imbues even the most even the most straightforward lyric with poetic grace.”
Chris Shull, The Wichita Eagle, June 27, 2004

“Here at Gramophone, your average hard-working critic, surrounded by free CDs, can lose touch with what it means to like a disc enough to fork out for it.  But I would not hesitate to spend my money on Fabio Biondi’s recording of Alessandro Scarlatti’s sparkling Oratorio per la Santissima Trinità with a superb cast of singers including Veronique Gens, Vivica Genaux and Paul Agnew.”
Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone, December 2004

“Among [conductor-violinist Fabio] Biondi's best discs is La Santissima Trinità with superstar baroque singers Veronique Gens and Vivica Genaux.”
Stephanie von Buchau, Alameda Times-Star [Alameda, CA], November 5, 2004

“Vibrant Mezzo Vivica Genaux snaps the listener to attention every time she sings.”
Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News, December 2004

“From the first altercation between Vivica Genaux (Theology) and Roberta Invernizzi (Faith), the casting proves to be ideal, each voice portraying its allegory to perfection.”
Vincent Borel, Opéra International, December 2004

“A luxury cast gives fine characterizations in the roles”…”Vivica Genaux reveals the limpid thoughts of Theology.”
Philippe Venturini, Le Monde de la Musique, November 2004

Disc of the Week:
“I promise you won’t be bored with this version, which sounds perfect, for which the singers and instrumentalists of the Europa Galante ensemble are joyously engaged under the direction of Fabio Biondi, and in which we find all the brilliance and luminosity of Scarlatti’s music, in the service of an authentic catechism.”
Claude Olivier, Radio Notre-Dame, June 25, 2004

[The earlier recording on the Bongiovanni label is] “definitively eclipsed by Fabio Biondi and his dazzling cast.”...”The voices, highly contrasting, correspond ideally to the characters they portray”…”Vivica Genaux’s somber, valiant contralto brings all the necessary harshness and severity to a moralizing Theology.”
A.U., Diapason, September 2004